I’m a bi-lingual tri-national (two by birth, one by naturalisation), but have spent the vast majority of my life in Switzerland.

My education began at the Ecole Internationale de Genève – the International School of Geneva – or just “Ecolint” to its pupils. I am truly and deeply grateful of that wonderful experience. Being among children from so many countries cultivated in me a truly Humanist perspective where for a long time I hadn’t even noticed that there was a thing called ‘race’. We are all Human. And that’s all that counts. But the only other distinction worth noticing was that of ideas and culture. Everything else fell by the way-side. My education was rich and varied and several times a week if not more, I still acknowledge a quiet “Thank you” to my school and its wonderful teachers.

Once high-school was complete, I did try (though admittedly half-heartedly) a year of University in the US. The decision to stop is one I regret every day – if merely for the experience. What I did not get in the University, I’ve had to scrounge-up for myself, on my own. But it has been piece-meal and scattered. Above all, it has not been recognized by any institution and so being an autodidact is a painful mix of learning, but being unable to officially put it to use.

True to my Taoist leanings, looking back upon my life so far, I see I’ve been as shifting as flowing water. My interests, like a light rain shower, have touched upon almost everything, accumulating in some areas, flowing past others, and sometimes crashing into things most mightily – only to ebb away once the topic has been scoured thoroughly. Right now, Philosophy  – Metaphysics, Mathematics, and Logic mostly – has proven itself a worthy and bottomless basin into which my entire attention has been pouring without relent.

Recently I’ve become a member of the Swiss Mathematical Society as well as the London Mathematical Society – but that doesn’t make me a mathematician. It makes me a tourist, and possibly a ‘fan’. Fair enough, for now. I hope to change that, though I haven’t the foggiest notion how. So I press-on.

From a very young age, I’ve known that my deepest calling was the quest for Truth – the Ultimate Truth (hey, aim high, right?). This blog contains some of the little ‘insights’ I’ve had, and shows some of my humble, fledgling attempts to formalize and properly describe them. Interspersed with these are moments were I step away from the hard edges of logic or mathematics, and simply entertain other ideas. Some ‘soft’ to contrast the ‘hard’. Such is the freedom of the personal blog. I hope it does not detract from the overall experience.

So please, read-on, challenge, question, and comment 😀

Thank you,