Wisdom for others

Why is it easier to advise others than to apply our wisdom to our own lives? And at the same time why is it that other people's advice always falls on the deaf ears of our own soul? By that I mean I've been told the same advice by countless people in countless different ways…


A Fireside Chat with Meru

"Come, come in, welcome! Here, sit down by the fire. I prepared it just before you showed up, and the space has just begun to warm." Meru the Wise talks with us by the fireside. We play with ideas, and hopefully learn some things when we're done.

How to begin?

It's a common-enough question When starting any endeavour, the beginning is often a little nerve-racking because it is such a decisive moment. Like a brand new journal with its creamy-white pages, just waiting for the first inky stroke of the pen. One could write anything. The point is to write something. Here we go...